Exquisite Coffee

Our coffee is ethically sourced from south west India, in the Coorg, Chikmaglur and Wayanaad regions. It is grown more than 900 metres above sea level, which delivers a less acidic coffee, but still benefits from cooler temperatures that slow down the growth rate of the coffee plant. This enables the plant to produce more of the sugars that create these amazing tasting notes.

Our coffee has a delicate tobacco aroma, combined with subtle flavours of liquorice, all spice and cocoa. It presents perfect levels of bitterness as an espresso or Americano and a delightful smooth taste, with the suggestion of dark chocolate, in a cappucino, latte or flat white.

Espresso | single shot £1.8 | double shot £2.2

A full-flavoured, concentrated coffee that is served in shots. We make this forcing pressurised hot water through very finely ground coffee beans.

Americano | £2.5

A double espresso shot with hot water, creating a balanced, less intense flavour. We provide the option of a milk decanter with every cup.

Latte | £2.6

Two espresso shot with steamed milk. We can make this with either cows milk or soy.

Flat White | £2.6

Steamed milk and a double espresso, smaller in volume and with less microfoam than a latte, providing a higher milk to coffee ratio. We can make this with either cows milk or soy.

Cappuccino | £2.6

Equal parts espresso, steamed and velvety milk froth, creating a velvety foam We can make this with either cows milk or soy and of course an optional sprinkle of chocolate.